Picasso, Matisse and Warhol @ Galeri Petronas

  • By Nazreen Zainurin
  • Mar 6
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We got the chance to take a look around one of the most iconic paintings by iconic artists at KLCC, Galeri Petronas. Displaying legit artworks that overwhelms many and have left a bold impression in the world and in the culture of art.

The exhibition showcases over 200 works by 76 artists of the world, one of many including Picasso’s, Matisse’s and the famous Campbell’s Soup Can creator Andy Warhol’s artworks is currently on display at the MAESTRO Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art Masters at Galeri Petronas, KLCC. Paintings from the time period of 19th Century, Modern, American Post-War, Impressionism and Symbolism.

Not only that, 6 local ceramicists exhibits their creation of contemporary ceramic works creating varied and lasting pieces.

Check out the pictures we got above, or better yet, visit Galeri Petronas for an up close and personal gaze of the artworks.

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