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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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WDHANFTSY: GOLF le FLEUR x Converse One Star

  • Jan 16
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WDHANFTSY returns with a closer look on the upcoming GOLF le FLEUR x Converse One Star. Find out how GOLF came about, the whereabouts on how the flower on the One Star existed and more on how Tyler jump on the Converse bandwagon with @bryanbotakchin (snipe with him on PS4 Battlefield). Will you be copping… Read more »

The Borak-Borak Session: Pantun Pins, Your Favourite Homegrown Pin Brand

  • Jan 15
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If you are into fashion accessories, you’ve definitely heard of our homegrown pin brand, Pantun Pins! We managed to ‘Borak-Borak’ with them to find out more on how Pantun Pins started, where they get their inspirations from and who they are aiming to collaborate with in the future. Check it out, and enjoy!

The Borak-Borak Session: Edmond Looi, The Architectural Sneaker Customizer

  • Jan 11
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We recently managed to catch up with Edmond Looi, sneaker customizer who takes customisation to another level by cutting up Yeezy’s and more. Find out how he left the Architectural industry to pursue his passion, how he got into streetwear and customisation, and what are his future plans.