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MASSESzine No. 9 : The Travel Issue

  • Mar 14
  • 3

The concept of travelling – preferably to idyllic locales far detached from any resemblance to our mundane daily lives – is firmly rooted in the hearts of young Malaysians today. Globally, youth travel is extremely popular, though Malaysia particularly has a very strong base of young adults that love to mobilise beyond the familiar. This… Read more »

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QUIT KL Documents Skate Culture In Malaysia

  • Dec 6
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@quitkl are a local based group who document skaters around KL. Their latest video films Azhad (Didat) Isad, whom had won many competitions over the years on the Top 3. He is seen ripping up the streets, ledges, abandoned banks and rails of KL along with snippets of random fights footage in the video. The raw video shows authenticity by… Read more »

Vans’ Skaters Explores Asia’s Iconic Cities In Vans New ‘APAC Transit’ Series

  • Dec 5
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TRANSIT is a new video series by Vans that gathers famous skaters around Asia to explore the different forms of public transportation in Asia countries. “Shaolin Shadows” is the first instalment of the Vans APAC Transit series that follows members of its Asia skate team as they rip up the pavement in iconic cities across the four countries, China, South… Read more »

WDHANFTSY: Air Force 1 ‘Special Field’

  • Nov 30
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WDHANFTSY is back this time with the ‘Special Field’ Air Force 1’s! As we review the sturdiness of these pairs, watch how provided accessories of this SF-AF1 may help you in the future as well. Cop or drop? Let us know in the comments what you think about these. PS: We do not condone any… Read more »