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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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A Discussion On Global Streetwear Trends I From The Thread Episode 13

  • Jul 9
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We’re a primarily streetwear based company, so it would be amiss to not talk about the global fashion scene, its clash with the high fashion world, and the subsequently growing bubble of hype that surrounds us all. Listen to the podcast to hear about Ben and Isaac’s thoughts on Virgil’s ticking clock at Louis Vuitton,… Read more »

We Review A Pair Of Rare ANTAs! I WDHANFTSY

  • Jul 3
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We’ve got a special pair on our hands for this one. ANTA gracefully sent us a collab pair that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, apart from the USA and China, namely the East Bay Times X ANTA Klay Thompson 4s. Born from Klay Thompson’s habit of reading this newspaper every morning before… Read more »

Hair, And How To Complement It With Your Fashion I From The Thread Episode 12

  • Jul 2
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Ben and Isaac think that hair plays a very important role in how you do up your fit, and while it won’t make or break your look, it definitely adds an extra layer to your overall style. In this episode, Ben and Isaac touch base on several topics, including what’s the next big hairstyle, what… Read more »