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MASSESzine No. 9 : The Travel Issue

  • Mar 14
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The concept of travelling – preferably to idyllic locales far detached from any resemblance to our mundane daily lives – is firmly rooted in the hearts of young Malaysians today. Globally, youth travel is extremely popular, though Malaysia particularly has a very strong base of young adults that love to mobilise beyond the familiar. This… Read more »

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  • Jun 9
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Sharing is caring, which is exactly why we tend to try and turn the people we care about into anime fans. It may be simple enough to show them whatever gateway anime you can get your hands on and hope it will stick, but we find that it’s better to cater your choice to what… Read more »

“We Don’t Have a Name For This Show….Yet” Giveaway Lucky Shoe To Lucky Winner On Lucky Occasion

  • Jan 20
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Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner and since it is the season of blessing and prosperity, in this special occasion, we decided to give away a pair of Pro-Keds Royal Plus to our viewers for the latest episode of “We Don’t Have A Name For This Show….Yet”. Don’t be lazy, watch the… Read more »

“We Don’t Have a Name For This Show….Yet” Friends And Family Exclusive New Balance 247

  • Jan 12
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Introducing New Balance 247 or the 24/7, “Luxe Pack”. This particular pair of sneaker is set to accommodate your comfort a 24/7 lifestyle, so whether you want to wear it for work, or just casually rock it with your daily outfits, it’ll work. This exclusive colorway is limited to only 247 pairs given out to… Read more »