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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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PBUY: A Streetwear Gem Right In The Middle Of Ipoh I Merayau

  • Jun 18
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Peace Be Upon You represents the culmination of the best of the Ipoh creative scene, headed by a creative who aims to cross many facets of the culture from music, art, to the social life surrounding the place and intertwine them together to form the Peace Be Upon You physical store. Bred from the likes… Read more »

We Tagged Along With Converse To See What The Converse X Global Event Is All About

  • Jun 13
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Converse graciously invited us along to experience a little something that they’ve been cooking behind the scenes, called Converse X. Essentially, Converse X is an initiative to encourage the youth from all around the globe to express their creativity, converging at Malaysia where the kids learn, create, and curate their own exhibition that was presented… Read more »

FLEX 03: A Copy Of A Copy

  • May 28
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Third episode in, and the hosts finally get something that crunched their brain. The Gamemaster has tasked Talitha Tan to search for celebrity outfits for the hosts to try on and find at Times Square, a bootleg capital for budget conscious. Armed with RM 200 and an imposed time limit, the hosts try their best… Read more »