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MASSESzine No. 9 : The Travel Issue

  • Mar 14
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The concept of travelling – preferably to idyllic locales far detached from any resemblance to our mundane daily lives – is firmly rooted in the hearts of young Malaysians today. Globally, youth travel is extremely popular, though Malaysia particularly has a very strong base of young adults that love to mobilise beyond the familiar. This… Read more »

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SneakerLAH’s Sneaker Social Experiment

  • Sep 13
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We’ve seen many videos of social experiments done in Malaysia, but no one has really done any social experiment relating to sneakers. So we decided to do our own experiment. The goal here is to see how crazy our sneaker scene can get over a pair of shoe. What we did was we teased our followers… Read more »

MASSES Visits: YO’HOOD 2017, Shanghai

  • Sep 13
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Couple of weekends ago, Team MASSES had the opportunity to go check out China’s biggest Streetwear trade show, YO’HOOD in Shanghai. From massive sneaker installations, to streetwear stores disguised as a laundromat, YO’HOOD’s got it all. Check out our recap of the event brought to you by Heineken.

“We Don’t Have A Name For This Show…Yet” Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK

  • Sep 6
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Our Resident Monk gave the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK a 5 out of 5! Find out what makes this pair deserves a perfect score in the latest episode of “We Don’t Have a Name For This Show….Yet”