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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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Shafiq Anak Saleh Began His Photography Career With An iPod Touch | Cool Story Bro EP10

  • Jan 23
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Presence is important, and Shafiq Anak Salleh has it in the bag, both literally and figuratively. We talk to him in this episode of Cool Story Bro to discuss how he began his journey to become the photographer that he is now known today, his current plans, and his 3 biggest pet peeves on Instagram.

OKGO Reveals The Complete Guide To Thrifting | From The Thread Episode 19

  • Jan 22
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If you’ve ever dipped your toes in the bundle scene, you would have heard of OKGO Store, with owners, Zamir and Shakira coming on the show to simply educate us, top to bottom in the art of thrifting. Plenty of topics were covered, from differentiating what is vintage and second hand, the business of it,… Read more »

Steffi Sidhu Dreams Of Eventually Coaching Malaysia’s All-Women’s Team | Cool Story Bro EP09

  • Jan 16
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We all know Steffi Sidhu as one of the top guns of the Malaysian futsal scene, and in this podcast, she bares it all when it comes to all things football, beginning from how her futsal career began, her favourite footballers in the world, going down into the deeper side of things as they discuss… Read more »