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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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A Cold Wall* X Nike Air Force 1 I WDHANFTSY

  • Jan 16
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Samuel Ross’s creative effort with Nike gets the eye of judgement from Bryan ‘Botak’ Chin and Julian ‘Sunflower’ Leong, as details are nitpicked, and cuttings are questioned. Watch the video above to know their thoughts on the A Cold Wall* X Nike Air Force 1.

Sneakernomics EP4 With Chris From Crossover

  • Jan 15
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Sneakernomics returns once again in another episode featuring Crossover’s store manager, Chris. Listen in as Chris talks more about the operations side of things, his thoughts on the resell culture, perks and challenges of working in the retail line, and how he handles customer shenanigans in the store.

From The Thread EP4 With ZZ Liu of idle/idō™

  • Jan 10
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Heading one of Malaysia’s underrated streetwear labels, idle/idō™ co-founder ZZ Liu talks about the struggle for people to accept his brand in Malaysia and overseas, his relationship with Wesley from Wong Fu Productions, and why slapping a logo on a t-shirt is overrated. Timestamp 0:20 – Idea behind the name 1:10 – idle/idō’s progress so… Read more »