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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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FLEX EP 05 : FLEXtival Vibes

  • Aug 9
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After being summoned by the game master, the boys head up to Gohtong Jaya for Good Vibes Festival to present their best festival fits. With a 4 very different types of outfit, 40 members of the public are asked to pick who they think is best dressed. Ya’ll can probably guess who won from this… Read more »

The Adidas Ozweego Is A Retro Futurised Runner For Daily Use | WDHANFTSY

  • Aug 7
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With Bryan gone for this episode, Julian had to solo it all the way with the new Adidas Ozweego. Taking inspiration from the original Ozweego 3 from 1998, the Ozweego presents a modern take on a retro model, with clear design cues found everywhere throughout the shoe, and at RM 580, presents rather good value… Read more »

9 Chains Is Perfectly Acceptable, But 10 Is Too Much | From The Thread EP 15

  • Aug 1
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Accessories. A potential outfit maker or breaker, but done masterfully, can accentuate and add depth to your outfit massively. Ben & Isaac along with guest Joshua from FLEX discuss their history of piercings, essential pieces that you must have in your collection, and personal preferences when it comes to accessorizing.