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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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‘1 Out Of 100’ Yung-1s I WDHANFTSY

  • Dec 17
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Recently, Absolute Vintage UK collaborated with Adidas to release their iteration of the Yung-1s, complete with Tartan print upper and priced at a ridiculous 28£ per pair. Julian ‘Sunflower’ Leong managed to get a pair and breaks down the story behind it with Bryan ‘Rambutan’ Chin in the video above.

Cool Story Bro EP1 With Kuah Jenhan

  • Dec 13
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In the first episode of Cool Story Bro, comedian, Kuah Jen Han (IG: kuahjenhan) comes on to talk about his involvement in the MACC, how he differentiates his shows from the group, and talk about his only crowning achievement, a tug-of-war gold medal back in high school.

Sneakernomics EP2 With Zzie Of Store_Box

  • Dec 11
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Sneakernomics return with another episode, featuring one of the most successful Instagram Streetwear Store owner, Zzie (IG: @store_box). For this episode, Zzie enlightens us about his business operations, business model, the ups and downs of running a business on Instagram, pre-order scams and how he handles his customers with a never-ending inflow of messages.