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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

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The Nike Air Max 720 Is A Really Rather Good Shoe I WDHANFTSY

  • Mar 20
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Nike’s Air Max Day contribution includes pushing everything to the limits of what Air can do, and we can tell you first hand that the marketing jibber jabber behind its latest model, the 720, is all true. Watch the video and see Julian ‘Sunflower’ Leong and Bryan ‘Botak’ Chin breakdown on why Nike chose the… Read more »

Agilan Explains That Strength Is Only Half The Battle In The Cage I Cool Story Bro EP5

  • Mar 14
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  Agilan ‘The Alligator’ Thani has made a name for himself as Malaysia’s best welterweight fighter, but suffered plenty in order for him to become the best. The renowned MMA fighter comes on the show to detail how he transitioned to becoming a pro fighter, conditions inside the cage, and why strength is only half… Read more »

WDHANFTSY: Vans “Comfy Cush” Era

  • Mar 13
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Quite out of no where, Vans introduced a new type of cushioning dubbed the ComfyCush, a new type of cushioning utilising memory foam in the footbed to enhance comfort both for everyday use and skating. Bryan “Botak” Chin claims that it is a bit like Boost, and Julian ‘Sunflower’ Leong seems a bit skeptical, but… Read more »