The Rising Sneaker Customizer, Malaysia’s Very Own Edmond Looi

  • By Julian Leong
  • Aug 10
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Streetwear isn’t just fashion but a tool for self-expression.

And this is exemplified with Edmond Looi, Malaysia’s very own sneaker customiser that has been on the come up in recent times. Another day another job then, as he received another package, but it wasn’t just any ordinary Joe’s custom leg up. American singer-songwriter, Erykah Badu personally tapped him up, enquiring the customisation on a pair of Air Jordan 4s.

Edmond usually finds inspiration for his artwork on sneakers by getting to know his clients in-depth but this time, the challenge presents itself differently, exploring and uncovering Erykah’s personality, principles, and beliefs through social media. As Erykah is well-known for her beliefs of expressing an individual’s inner-self, Edmond proceeds his customising job by engraving the word “Kah” and “Badu” on the sneaker’s leather upper with a  spectrum of colours resembling a rainbow. If you were wondering about the reason behind the engraving of the word “Kah”, the word “Kah” means inner-self and is related to Erykah Badu’s stage name.

In terms of sneaker customisation talents, we’d like to think of Edmond as Malaysia’s Shoe Surgeon, worthy to represent Malaysia’s sneaker customising scene internationally and we hope to see other local sneaker customisers to pursue their passion.

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