Royal Selangor Adds Wolverine To Its Marvel Characters Roster

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Aug 9
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If you ever only need one figuring in your house, this would probably be the only one you need.

Welcome everyone, to the Wolverine figure by Royal Selangor, and immediately after laying your eyes upon its incredibly detailed frame, you’ll come to notice that the model stays true to the silhouette of the comic books, and not Logan from the movies. This means that the iconic cowl makes itself present, along with the suit and sharp tipped boots. Wolverine’s claws are fully unsheathed in complete rage, ready to pounce on his next enemy.

Only 3000 of these beauties are made worldwide, and are individually numbered, so you know you’re gonna have a special model in your hands. The Limited Edition Wolverine Victorious is available to order at any Royal Selangor retail store, or online.






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