Alexander Wang Keeps The Heat Up With New Uniqlo Partnership

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Oct 11
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Ready To Wear Heat. Literally.

A decade later, and Alexander Wang is back in bed with Uniqlo. This time however, the man will be designing underwear, imbued with Uniqlo’s HEATTECH fibres into each apparel for a snug and warm fit, everytime.

Alexander Wang said, “When I look into expanding into additional categories, I seek out partners that really can innovate the product we make and how our fans can access it. UNIQLO are the ideal partners for this collection of innerwear because we share an appreciation of functionality and utilitarianism, and I am thrilled our collaboration has resulted in developing a new HEATTECH line; the perfect place to pick up from where we left off ten years ago.”

Yuki Katsuta too shares the same thought as Alexander.  “Alexander first collaborated with UNIQLO ten years ago on the UNIQLO Designers Invitation Project. At the time he greatly impressed me with his ability to identify trends. I hope that consumers can enjoy this new dimension in HEATTECH, which takes our long-selling line beyond its innerwear origins by augmenting its functionality with Alexander’s inspiring design.”

While there are no product photos as of yet, we speculate that the new line will mostly consist of just underwear. Don’t fret though, because Uniqlo’s underwears are some of the best at the price point, and we’re intrigued to see what Alexander has in-store for his reiteration of undies. We’ll update this article when more details are released.

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