From Daddies To Baddies

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jun 8
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Written by Celine Kitt and Isaac Yeap

We’re halfway through 2018, and the dad persona is still one to be reckoned with, especially now with the peaking trend of chunky shoes. If you don’t believe it, just look at Kanye West, from his opinion dividing Yeezy 700 Wave Runner to his recent, also opinion dividing Yeezy 500 Blush.

Dad shoes are here to stay, but many of you may face this dilemma: It’s chunky AF and I have no idea how to pair it up! No worries my fellow dads and daddies (wink wink), we here at MASSES are giving you four golden tips to ensure that dad shoe of yours is being flexed to its limits. So what do you need if you want to achieve the ultimate millennial dad look?

Tip 1: Go Straight or Go Home

As most Dad shoes are chunky, pairing it with a slim or skinny trousers would give an impression that you skipped leg day. Instead try opting for more straight yet cropped trousers or baggy trousers to balance out the chunkiness of the shoe.

Tip 2: Pair it with ankle white socks

Nothing shouts dad with that classic ankle white socks. For those hot days in Malaysia, don’t be afraid to go for the white dad vibe with shorts sporting them ankle white socks. Flex that Balenciaga Triple S’s real good in the whiteys.

Tip 3: Be Bold, Go Oversized

As mentioned earlier, pairing the Dad shoe with straight or baggy trousers will complement the ‘chunkiness’ of the shoe nicely. The same can be applied up top. Go bold with an oversized MA-1 bomber jacket to for maximum chunk! You go hard, or go home family.

Tip 4: Get that cozy tracksuit

Nothing screams suburban dad more than suiting up in a tracksuit & New Balance 990s. You could go colourful or tonal all the way with an item that pops (hats, accessories etc.) to solidify the look. Lookin’ fly there pops.

There you have it! 4 tips for you to rock the dad vibe. While the guide is just a few tips to get you started on your dad journey, fashion is debatable & we here at MASSES MY encourage you to go out explore different options. Let us know in the comment section below on what else could paired with the dad shoes! 

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