Get It Kicking With LV’s New Collab With FIFA

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • May 17
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For those of you are going to Russia to catch the FIFA World Cup 2018, why not do it ‘Jetsetter’ style with Louis Vuitton? Back during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the duo had previously collaborated to create a travel case. But for this year, LV has decided to take it up a notch by introducing an entire collection of leather goods, featuring variations of the classic Keepall & Apollo bags as well as a series of small leather goods like card holders & wallets.

The leather goods are inspired by the 1970 official FIFA World Cup match ball, reminiscent of a classic football featuring a hexagon shaped design on the leather goods with each colour of the hexagon having a unique textured feel. All of that combined with Louis Vuitton’s iconic ‘Epi Leather’ which makes it stylish yet durable for day to day use.

For those of you who want an extra edge to this collection, Louis Vuitton has a special ‘Made to Order’ that will accommodate the hexagon to any colours associated with almost any national flag. To top it off, a complimentary leather luggage tag will be embossed with any of the 35 participating national flags.

The collection is now available at selected Louis Vuitton stores & online till July 15.

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