Idle/Idō Vol.01 2017 Lookbook

Another Local Fashion Lable Idle/Idō that draws inspirations from the Japanese point of view by incorporating the acceptance of transience and imperfection, defining the sense of equilibrium between stillness and motion.

“Camaraderie / Nakama Ishiki” SS17 (Launching in 1 JAN 2017) celebrates comradeship between lateral thinkers, crafted for citizens of the world who seek beauty in simplicity.

Idle/Idō is a firm believer that people who share this same ideal possess heightened sensitivity to beauty, will eventually come together through solidarity.

If you guys want to know more about them or keen on purchasing their clothing, please check out their social media tracks and their Website right here!  (InstagramFacebook)

IDLE/IDO Idle/Idō Vol.01 2017 Lookbook