Against Lab Looks To Malaysian Culture For Its ‘Endless Summer’ Collection

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jun 14
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A Homage To The Only Season Available In Malaysia

Photographer: Taku Iwama

Inspiration doesn’t usually have to come from the outside, but rather, ideas aplenty can come from within, and Against Lab’s latest collection, ‘Endless Summer’ reflects this thinking very well.

The title of the collection takes a two-pronged approach to it, the literal meaning being that in Malaysia, the summer never ends as the tropical climate is thick near the Equatorial Line, but is also a metaphor, where it portrays an environment of being trapped in the rat race, a notion that implies creative thinking and expression are typically regarded as less important than other work.

The message is presented with loud, in-your-face graphics that challenge the non-believers, and features something many Malaysians have seen throughout their years here.

For now, only the graphic tees are available with the rest of the collection coming soon. The collection is available now at Against Lab’s online store and selected stockists worldwide.




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