Lazy Being Reinterprets Godzilla And Questions The Ambiguity In Its Latest Drop

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Feb 11
  • 0

In the 1950s, Japan introduced ‘Tokosatsu,’ or special filming, a term used to describe and make shows which showcases heavy use of special effects. Many shows were then subsequently produced with Tokosatsu in mind, but only a handful managed to flesh it out to its fullest: Godzilla.

In Lazy Being’s ‘Sloth Attacks’ collection, the capsule pays homage to the movie, as well as exploring the motive behind the killing of Godzilla, questioning as to whether it was a self-defense move, or a murder driven by greed. In the movies, Godzilla has always been portrayed as the antagonist, but Lazy Being implores you to look on the other side. Maybe the government is witholding the information, or isn’t disseminating the full truth. With the media in the government’s hands, transparency of information is marred, and that allows total control of the audience’s perspective, and it is up to the audience to search for the truth.

The collection includes graphic tees with illustration of weapons, Kaiju anatomy, and target practices. A poster card is also included to to further delve into the story of the collection. ‘Sloth Attacks’ is now available on the online webstore and selected local retailers.

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