The Mystery Of Travel Takes Centre Stage With KOZO’s ‘Capsule 03’

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Dec 31
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Written by Jo Yee

Kozo: A form of traditionally harvested and meticulously processed paper in Japan. In Rin Zheng’s interpretation however, she seeks to bring structure amidst our day to day chaos akin to the durability of “kozo” paper when it comes to sturdiness.

Capsule 03 brings a bit of a change as compared to the previous ones. As every design detail and process is conceived from gathering inspiration and skills from different walks of life, Capsule 3 sticks true to KOZO’s core identity with the release of this new collection inspired by the idea of travel, specifically the sense of mysteriousness and hidden trails that lie ahead of a person, waiting to be discovered.

“Every woman desires to carve their own path in this journey we call life. Along this adventure, nature plays an instrumental role when it comes to self-realization or freeing our spirit for a peace of mind,” laments Rin when reflecting on her third collection.

Neutral colours and evergreen cuts make the collection, featuring timeless pieces in oxford and twill cotton fabrics — with the palette predominantly inspired by earthy tones from sandy beige, navy blue of the deep night, to olive green like the maturing leaves in the rainforest. Capsule 03 also marks the debut of the brand’s very first menswear line, following along the same minimalist ethos and simple cuts that make for a very wearable and understated fit.

Prices though, are a different story. For such levels of simplicity, the apparel commands a fairly high price for its offerings; one of their short sleeve shirts comes at RM209, while the pants are priced at RM249. Still, if you appreciate these kinds of aesthetics, Kozo’s well stocked from head to toe. Head on to Kozo’s website to see more.


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