Pestle And Mortar Release New World Cup Inspired Capsule Collection

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jun 14
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Much like how Kim Jones and Off-White have released their own collections in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup, Pestle and Mortar too have come up with their own iterations of football gear, specifically one jersey and three iterations of their flying mechanic tee.

The Football Republic Jersey is a homage to 90s designs, featuring an Umbro and PMC patch and a Russian flag embroidered on the sleeve. A mute checkerboard pattern in black and slightly less black covers the entirety of the jersey, with Pestle and Mortar in Russian emblazoned on the front.

The Mechanic Tees all present different iterations with slightly different typefaces and languages. The Messi Ending tee reminisces the colours of Germany, a supposed throwback to when Germany won the World Cup back in 2014.

Tsubasa Mechanic Tee references Asian pride, or the fact that Japan and South Korea managed to pass through qualifiers and are battling it out on the world stage.

The Cyka Mechanic Tee is a homage to Russia in general, who are the World Cup hosts in this round.

All 4 t-shirts are available online and in Pestle and Mortar’s flagship store in Bangsar.


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