The Garment – Menswear Street Shoot

  • By Bryan
  • Aug 28
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The Garment is a brand that is all about looking like a gentlemen. Leather shoes, coats, ties, blazers, greased up hair, an occasional umbrella if need be. All of which are items that are essential for your everyday gentlemen, but if done wrong, can make you look like a real “Ah Pek”. Oh, a mustache would definitely be a plus point too.

The brand was established early of this year by the one and only Wak Doyok and his partner Mile Zahari, and have only released a signature tee of the brand, but this shoot was done not to promote any product of The Garment, but was done merely to promote menswear fashion, and to inspire Malaysian men to dress sharply. The photoshoot features a few prominent “gentlemen” which includes Wak Doyok himself. Let’s see if you can spot anyone else in the images below.

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