The Release Of H&M X Moschino Caused A Slight Havoc In Malaysian Stores

  • By Julian Leong
  • Nov 9
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Most of the time when the word queue comes up, it almost instantly relates to a queue for sneakers but this time, the queue is for another.

We are talking about the recently released H&M x Moschino collection which ended up in a havoc. With the help of social media, we managed to take a peek of how things went down during the collection release and it did not look good one bit. As we watch the videos, we observe people rushing into the H&M store, walking over the racks,  pushing anything or anyone out of their way (including the guards), just to grab anything their hands can reach. The crowd included teenagers, young adults, and even senior citizens, which is a shame that an individual can result into such actions just to purchase a piece of apparel or accessory.


Video credits to Daphne Charice and Joanne Jojobi

The videos don’t indicate which store hosted the debacle, but the ensuing riot once the guards let the people through was immense. This isn’t the behaviour which we should display at all.

Speaking to Vogue UK, Jeremy Scott, the designer behind the collection had this to say, “I thought about the mood of ‘street’, the mix and attitude of haute couture and humour, and the elements of ‘bling bling’ accessories piled up on top of each other to capture and create the look I do on the catwalk. I thought of it like ingredients for a feast, and I wanted to include all the ingredients to make sure it had all the essence of a Moschino collection. You get cartoon characters, you get gold, bold Moschino jewellery, you get sequins and shiny things, and a mix and juxtaposition of elements you don’t normally find together. Expect the unexpected!”

It’s as Jeremy Scott as Jeremy Scott can be.

Despite this however, the designs are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. 3/4 of the office dislikes it, so what’s the hype? The real question is, what is so unique about this collection that the launch situation had to escalate till that extent? Is it due to chronic nostalgia, the branding of the collaboration, or for the greed of profits? Let us know what you think about the collaboration and what you think the organizers can do to prevent another havoc.

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