Uniqlo Celebrates Capcom’s Greatest Games, Monster Hunter And Street Fighter With A New Collection

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 14
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Uniqlo has had a long and coloured history when it comes to collaborations with its own geographical companies, having added to their roster graphics of One Piece and Dragon Ball to name a few. This time, the brand has looked towards Capcom to feature two of its most iconic games and translate them into t-shirt graphics.

Monster Hunter is one of them, celebrating 15 years of the famed RPG series that became a phenomenon for enabling friends to team up to hunt down monsters in a smart and tactical way. Highlights include the Fatalis Elder Dragon emblazoned on the back with the 15th anniversary at the front.

But where it gets more into mainstream pop culture, is the Street Fighter collab, featuring the original cast from the first game, including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. Making its arcade debut in 1987, the Street Fighter game was considered the progenitor of the fighting game genre, spawning the likes of Tekken, King Of Fighters, and Mortal Kombat. From there, inspirations from the latest Street Fighter® V: Arcade Edition were translated into graphics, depicting several notations including the uppercut move, double K.O, and a wraparound of Dhalsim.

Both collections will be out on the 15th of April.

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