• By Yasmeen Costelo
  • Dec 27
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Here today, gone tomorrow.     

Change is the only thing that is constant. We can only come to the realization that modernisation and traditions are both equally important to us, but can both modernity and tradition coexist in such a way that it benefits one another without eliminating the other? We needed answers if such a feat is possible, and therefore we set out on a quest to find out whether our cultural traditions are here to stay or might they be gone for good in the near future, swallowed whole and replaced by the advancement of technology.

For this issue, we unravelled some of Malaysia’s traditions and cultures that use to play an important role in our everyday lives and our society, and how these cultures and traditions have now taken a back seat in Malaysia, and are slowly disappearing as the sun sets on them. This issue is an ode them, and to highlight some of the people that are keeping this cultures and traditions alive. We met up with the revolutionaries who’re putting in their all in each respective culture and striving to keep it alive. Each individual featured stand the test of time of our forgotten heritage as they voice out personal stories on their respective cultural mainstay. We pay tribute to these innovative individuals adapting to modernization such as the three mastermind behind Fusion Wayang Kulit and the youngest rattan maker in Malaysia. We called upon the last craftsman of the Wau and the Keris, and independent one-man showrunners on film photography, analog music formats and secondhand bookstore haven. We also had the honour of having the lovely editor of Odd One Out Magazine to share her thoughts on the print industry. The Sunset issue, the title itself isn’t complete without beautiful sunset moments captured all over different parts of Malaysia. 

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Hundred%, Lot 10
Krookz 651, Bangsar
Sole What Pop-Up, Midvalley Megamall
Sole What, The Gardens
Stussy KL, Pudu
Snackfood, Bangsar


Cover By Crossover, Sunway Pyramid
Crossover Concept Store, Sunway Pyramid
Grafa Cafe, Subang
Heavy Weight, Sunway Pyramid
Major Drop, Sunway Pyramid
Sole What, One Utama
Tea Code Coffee, Balakong
The Cap City, Subang
The Yard, Subang
Wheel Love, Subang
17 Gallery, Subang


Crossover Concept Store, Johor Bahru
Crossover Concept Store, AEON @ Tebrau City
Hundred%, Johor Bahru
Kronoz, Johor Bahru


Bricklin Bar, Georgetown
Pik Nik, Georgetown
The Alley, Georgetown

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