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  • Apr 28
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Who would have thought a dirt cheap ordinary ballpen would have the capability to produce a masterpiece? Many don’t but we’re glad to have met someone who can do just that. Known best as The Kilometrico Master, Syahbandi Samat chose to use the simple stationery tool to transmit his inner creativity onto a blank piece of canvas. In the latest episode of The Borak-Borak Sessions, we were lucky enough to have caught up with this ballpen expert to get to know him a little better, and to find out how the love for ballpens begun. Read the interview below.


1. Tell us about yourself and your background?

My name is Syahbandi Samat I’m 24 years old. I’ve been in the art scene for more than 6 years.


2. When and how do you decide to go for art?

Come to think of it, art is something that is close to me…it is my passion! I bet you must have heard that line way too many times before right? Haha but’s the truth! My love of art blossomed after i taught myself on how to paint a portrait. But, what made me realised that i could turn my passion into a real career was when i won RM700 from a contest organised by NSTP Malaysia back in my high school years.

3. Could you describe your artwork in one word and why?

In one word? I would say personal because art is something you do from the heart.


4. What is your source of inspiration?

I found an interest in fairytale and folklore then i move on to dark and horror…i guess it could be from all over the place.


5. Why do you prefer to use only Ballpen?

Cheap, affordable and easy to get. You can even get it at the mamak. Haha.

6. Have you ever try exploring any other mediums besides using a ballpen before?

I tried experimenting with coal and mud.


7. Out of so many brands of pens why you choose Kilometrico pen?

Probably because it is the most famous brand ever! Haha. Plus, I believe you don’t need expensive tools to create art because the stories behind it is what matter most.


8. Could you share the meaning behind your painting?

It is a metaphor.


9. How do you get over creative block?

I ride my bike around KL and visit art gallery.


10. So let go on with a fun question. If you are stuck in an island and could bring only 2 items what would be?

A lighter with unlimited gas and a rifle. Haha.


11. We know that you really love drawing, painting and cycling too what are your other interests besides that?

I’m an avid Airsoft player. *Point his hand to an Airsoft rifle on the table*


12. What do you think about the current art scene here in Malaysia?

The scene is small yet the community prefer to just stay in their own circle of group. Unlike other countries i visited, they support each other despite of race, status or religion. We don’t have the same vibe happening here.


13. What can we expect from you in the near future or any upcoming project that you wanted to share with us?

For now I’m currently aiming for art residencies out of Malaysia and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to show my artwork to whole world too.

14. What is your advice to the other creative artist out there?

You need to commit and get your mind ready to accept failure at any given time. The struggle to be an artist in Malaysia is real and to achieve success you need to have a whole lot of patience.


15. Any last word before we end our interview?

Get out of Malaysia! Haha.


Get in touch with Syahbandi Samat here.

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