“We Don’t Have a Name For This Show….Yet” : Our Legacy X Vans

  • By Bryan
  • Mar 1
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After all the holidays, and with no more major holidays on the horizon, we finally decided to get off our butts to make another episode of our highly “successful” shoe review show “We Don’t Have A Name For This Show….Yet”. This time we checked out the highly anticipated capsule collection between OUR LEGACY and VANS.

Our Legacy co-founder, Jockum Hallin was heavily inspired by skateboarding and hardcore punk subcultures, something that footwear brand, Vans can relate to easily. These two brand teamed up for a Spring/Summer 2017 collaboration and released a whole capsule collection, to share their common interests and point of view on these subculture.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think about the shoe in the comments below.

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