MASSESzine No. 9 : The Travel Issue

  • By Bryan
  • Mar 14
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The concept of travelling – preferably to idyllic locales far detached from any resemblance to our mundane daily lives – is firmly rooted in the hearts of young Malaysians today.

Globally, youth travel is extremely popular, though Malaysia particularly has a very strong base of young adults that love to mobilise beyond the familiar. This shouldn’t be a surprise; after all, this country is one where low-cost flights are common and travel opportunities within the Southeast Asia region are aplenty.

We love the idea of escaping the modern grind, to embrace new sights and sounds despite the limitations of our wallet. In an effort to not bust the bank, we look for great tourist spots that are value for money, where enjoyment can be experienced on the cheap. To many, that means a backpacker’s trip to Phuket or Cambodia, where accommodation is extremely affordable, nature-based activities are abundant and nightlife is buzzing. Though sometimes greener pastures are just a state or alleyway away.

As far as cost is concerned, young travellers here can find solace in that for the most part, domestic travelling here is extremely cheap. Also, much of what is available ‘across the pond’ can also be experience right here, from natural beauty, to an invigorating night life and all the way to luxury shopping and accommodation. However, relying entirely on popular landmarks to decide you travel experience is quite limiting. Sometimes the best sights and sounds are found off the beaten track.

In this issue of MASSESzine, we’re taking you on a figurative journey and talk about all things related to travel and the great outdoors, with the budget of the average young Malaysian in mind.

Camping is one activity that’s easy to dismiss because of how tedious it can be, and our writers found it out the hard way as they erected tents at a couple locations in Malaysia. It’s an acquired taste, but even those that hate camping can find something to love when sleeping in the wilderness. Of course, preparations for the endeavour are many, so we’ll run you through some tips and tricks that’ll make your camping experience far more enjoyable.

Tourism in Malaysia embodies far more than just its island hot spots, namely Penang or Langkawi. Through these pages, we’ll highlight the country’s smallest state, Perlis, and how we think it might just be Malaysia’s silent gem.

Trips are never complete without pictures, so this issue will be laden of them, many of of which will attempt to capture the essence and may facets of what makes this country beautiful.

Of course, there are experiences that are simply impossible to achieve within our borders. Curious to learn about the unfamiliar, we enlisted the help of a young Malaysian to document her journey to the highly inaccessible and infamous hermit kingdom of North Korea. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

There’s more, but like any good journey, it is one of great discovery. Happy travels!

PS: If you would like to get a copy of the magazine but stay no where remotely close to any of the stores, cafe, or hangout spots that stock our magazine, do send us an email at massesmy@gmail.com and we will send one over to you. (Postage fees applies)

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