5 Restaurants And Cafes You Should Try That Are Not On Grabfood

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Apr 7
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Written by Charmaine

It is without a doubt that due to this MCO period, most food outlets have reverted their business online and through food delivery applications such as Grabfood. With that, most restaurants and cafes can be found on the Grabfood application itself, however there are a few food stores that are not on the famous app itself but still serve delicious meals. 

Here is a list of them that you should check them out :- 

Pizza Mansion

If you are a Pizza lover or just someone who’s craving for pizza but want something else rather than the usual mainstream brands such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s, fear not because Pizza Mansion is the next best thing as it offers amazing  flavours such as the Holy Pepperoni, Anchovy Marinara and also vegetarian pizza options as well that includes the Zucchini, eggplant and chickpea pizza. Apart from that, they also offer great combo deals too with pizza of different flavours and delicious side meals. Therefore, the prices of the pizza ranges from RM30 and above, and you can get them now by ordering through beepit .

For more information, check out their instagram @pizzamansion. 

Fowlboys KL 

Everyone’s buttermilk chicken cravings have been put on halt for awhile due to the MCO period, however you don’t have to wait any much longer until this restricted order has ended to get your hands on them because the Fowlboys are serving it up for you through their own personal delivery system.

 Although right now, the store might be on a break until the 6th of April in the meantime what you can get ready to order once its up and running again is the infamous “Motherclucker”, a combination of buttermilk chicken thigh, hot pepper jam, cheese and sandwiched between two sesame buns along with the “ Batter up” which includes the buttermilk chicken thigh and some buttermilk waffles. The prices of the meals start from RM 15 and above and the way to order them is by whatsapping this number, 017 871 1089 and let them know your delivery order and time slot for it. 

For more information and daily updates, visit their instagram @fowlboyskl


Before the MCO, stepping into kakiyuki used to feel magical, with its minimalistic designs and their flavourful Japanese shaved ice, although all of that needs to be put on pause for a while, the store itself is still taking its operations online through it’s personal delivery as well. That being said, what is being served during this period are their infamous Matcha and Hojicha roll cake along for Rm 10 a slice and RM 50 for a whole roll along with their selection of Warabimochi with a choice of either Matcha or Kinako for RM 14 and their custard pudding for RM 11. If you feel that you’re having a sweet tooth right now, all you have to do is just whatsapp this number 018-229-9986 . 

Check out their instagram page for more information. 

Oh Cha Matcha 

At this point, it’s not just your favorite food store that has been put on hold, but it’s your favorite drinks outlet too. Therefore, when it comes to matcha drinks the aroma of it could not be any stronger at Oh Cha Matcha, which makes this place the absolute best place to get an amazing matcha drink. However, even with these strict restrictions, Oh Cha Matcha has found a way to take it up a notch and bring its services for you online through it’s through beepit. That being said, their matcha drinks cost up to RM 11 and above but at the same time, offer other food selections too such as rice bowls and pasta. 

Don’t miss out and check out their instagram @ohchamatcha.kl for more daily updates !

New Chapter By The Owls Cafe

Before the MCO, cafes were a great place to hangout with friends, have a great meal and even take pictures of your meals. If you miss the whole cafe environment, you wouldn’t have to any longer because New Chapter by The Owls Cafe are bringing those delicious cafe foods to you through beepit. You can have your craving satisfied through a large selection of meals such as Smoked duck Aglio Olio, Salmon Truffle mash and a bowl of  “Owlsome beef rice” . The prices of these meals may vary but most of them start from RM15 and above. 

To find out more, go to their instagram @newchapterbytheowlscafe for more information and updates.

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