Chaiwalla & Co. Honest Tea

  • By Shawn Tan
  • Jan 10
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During our tour in JB City, we passed by this interesting container cafe that’s located around Jalan Dhoby. At first, we din’t really notice the whole cafe is made up of container, only when we get closed to it, we are really amazed by the details they put into the decoration. Besides, they also use pellets, recycled wood etc. to make up the ceiling and furnitures. The whole idea of recycling those unwanted materials to something useful is really brilliant. Meanwhile, the cafe serves a variety of food and drinks, but don’t be fooled by the name of the shop ” Honest Tea ” and think that they only serve tea, they do serve coffee and smoothies as well. 

Last but not least, there’s a good news for everyone that stays in KL – Selangor area, Chaiwalla & Co. has opened their new outlet at Klang Valley. So, let’s head over to the cafe and try out the drinks by yourself. For more information about the cafe, just check out their Facebook Page

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