Projek Rabak Presents Ipoh Kreative 2016

  • By Rhysher Park
  • Jan 21
  • 3


Projek Rabak will be hosting a one week festival called Ipoh Kreative 2016 that celebrates creative scene in few different places around Ipoh town. The campaign is a baseline to highlight Ipoh as one of the local creative hub known as ‘Ipoh Kreative City and also to promote #IpohKreative2016 to locals and international tourist. The event will take place on 24th of January 2016, Sunday, till 30th of January 2016, Saturday. Entrance is free for all events and there will be interesting performances by local artists,  poetry & rabak writing,  artist talk, street theatre and so on.


For further information and updates on the event,  be sure to check out Ipoh Kreative 2016 official facebook page.

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