10 Of The Best Raya Ads Of 2018

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jun 12
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Aidil Fitri is almost upon us. It’s customary, a tradition almost here in our beloved, renewed country that corporations come out with Raya advertisements that will usually play and tug at your emotions. However, this year presents something a bit different, as a theme of happiness and togetherness feature more prominently than the usual fair. Here are our Top 10 picks for the best Raya advertisements of 2018.

KFC – Dendam Adam

KFC’s got a tear jerker in this year’s iteration of Hari Raya. The story revolves around a grudge by Adam towards his older brother, showcasing Adam’s constant neglect and disapproval towards his brother’s attempts at forgiveness and retribution. The story however, contains a very well executed plot twist that’ll first encourage you to question the brother’s age gap with Adam, which then unfolds into a situation that puts all the pieces into place. Not forgetting a full KFC dinner after a day raya-ing. Now I want some KFC.

Samsung – Raya Last Minit

Samsung’s premise for the ad is a smart one. A last minute relative comes to ‘ber-raya’ at her family’s place, with the couple looking back at the mess the previous hoard of visitors have left. Luck for the duo then, that the house is a fully equipped Samsung smart home, from the washing machine, vacuum and microwave, not forgetting the showcase of the S9’s capabilities, going from a video call with a relative, to becoming a remote for multiple devices, eventually setting into a prepped home in no time. Simple to follow storyline, with a linear goal, all achieved with the help of Samsung #MaximumProductPlacement

Graph Studio – Biru

Biru displays something that’s often overlooked in normal circumstances, but becomes one of utmost importance when Raya comes knocking. Faiq Syazwan breathes life and personality into the RM 1 Ringgit note, detailing its livelihood, lived in ignorance and overlooked upon. That is, until Raya creeps closer and everyone’s looking for One ringgit notes to handout for Duit Raya. It’s a very twisted PSA, telling you to change your money before the banks run out of the blue paper, but one that was achieved with such gripping storyline that all you can do is just stare at it in disbelief. It’s that good.

Toyota – Jalan Cerita Raya

Toyota wants you to remind of the times way back, specifically focusing on the small things, like the things your dad go through in order to keep you happy. The video details a father taking his son around the housing area after work, so that he gets to spend time with him, but then the son gets bored as it becomes routine. It takes a while for the son to realise what he has implied, and during the time of Raya, and invites the dad once more to go round the housing area to relieve old time memories. It’s a simple premise that brings heartfelt memories and remembrance, especially when you’ve been in the situation of the son.

DBKL – Janji Amin

A twist of location is present in this one. Amin, who works as a traffic monitor in DBKL is not able to get leave in time for the first day of Raya, with a hopeful mother awaiting his son’s arrival at the kampung. Amin then resigns to his fate that he’s not going to go back, and faces a dilemma on whether to tell his mother that he isn’t able to make it, but a turn of events take place, and instead, Amin’s mum comes to visit him at his workplace instead.

PrudentialBSN –  #TeamRayaMerah

Plot twists seem to be quite apparent in most of the raya videos, and this one features a somewhat slightly hilarious twist that we’re not quite sure whether to feel sad about or laugh. Regardless, the whole dynamic between the main character and the family leaves you wondering about his relationship with the family, until at the very end of the clip. We leave it up to you what to make of it.

TM – Makcik Bawang

Perhaps the more recent topical entry in this list, this ad revolves around the whole trend of ‘membawang,’ A.K.A gossiping. 2 siblings are featured as they wonder into their Mak Long’s kitchen to help with the preparation of rendang, not so endearingly titled ‘Mak Cik Bawang’ as she likes to gossip and compare. The younger brother gets interrogated first after a series of questions, which she then turns and faces the elder sister. After a torrent of somewhat belittling questions, she stands up and storms out of the kitchen, leaving the Mak Long a bit bewildered and upset by her actions. A narration then plays, reminding the viewer that with every question asked, it is just an act to know and get closer to said relatives. After all, we see the younger generations much more frequently, but the grandparents probably once a year during the festive season.

Petronas – Misi Riuh Raya!

One of Petronas’ more conservative entries, the video still makes for a funny spectacle as each of the siblings are hit with troubles as they plan on surprising their parents. Each member of the family carries out a specific task, with one carrying the ‘kawah’ to cook the dodol, while another carries lights and decorations for the house, another carries a sofa, and another brings along Baju Raya for the entire family. The mother has lost all hope of them coming back for Raya, only to be pleasantly surprised to a lit up house, but more importantly, a present family.

UDA – Tanda Kasih

If you’re looking for a video to really move you to tears, UDA has got what you need. In the pursuit of career growth, we often tend to forget the ones closest to us, looking at them more as an annoyance the more they try to interact with us. It’s only until the main character here realises that his mother has passed away from an accident because of neglect and inability to come and fix the house, he realises what he has done, and acknowledges that it’s too late to seek forgiveness, despite trying to at his mother’s grave in futility. It reminds us all then, that we should all take care of our parents, and know that all they want is just a little bit of attention from us as we grow apart. However, the best has to go to….

Tenaga Nasional Berhad – Rumah Epik Fantastik

TNB easily takes the cake with this year. Beautiful cinematography, colour grading, and simple, yet effective storyline, the ad delivers a message that while it may seem that with the extended relatives are coming back for raya and overcrowds the house, in the end, it’s all better together. We don’t have much to say about the video other than it’s superbly done.

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