Casio Introduces Metal Bezels To Its Triple Graph Series

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 25
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Written by Ardi

Casio Malaysia is releasing new pieces to their G-SHOCK line. The 6900 series (AKA Triple Graph) is known by three round indicators with metal bezels. The 6900 series have been the stable product for the brand’s collaborations with fashion houses since the launch of the first ever DW-6900-1V in 1995. 

The 3 new models (GM-6900, GM-6900B and GM-6900G) introduce stainless-steel bezel into the 6900 series with a great finish to the base model, creating a strong presence. The signature screen with its complex shape and extremely delicate details are still going on strong with the series. 

The two models with black bands come in two choices of silver or gold bezel and the red band model has a black bezel. 

Another release from Casio is for the 25th anniversary of the 6900 series. Casio is producing two unique DW-6900SP models made of translucent material and has a vibrant design inspired by the number “25”. The bands are translucent while the face highlights the colour gradation that can change depending on the angle of the light. The indicators are also colored which results in a  radiant look for the watch as a whole.

You can get your hands on these watches at G-Factory stores, G-Shock stores, and authorized dealer stores once they are released to the public.

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