G-Shock Imbues Several Models With Artwork Depicting The 7 Lucky Gods

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 7
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Written by Sean Ho

Casio announced an unexpected limited edition series exclusively for Japan and Asia, the G-Shock Seven Lucky Gods Series. Inspired by the Seven Gods of Fortune originating from Indian, Chinese, and Japanese religion and mythology, the collection consists of seven watches that will be releasing over the course of six months from October 2018 to March 2019. The artwork of the watches were designed by painter Toshikazu Nozaka. A slight info on Toshikazu Nozaka, he’s originated from Tokyo. Known for building plastic sculptures, art objects, painting and was a professional skateboarder in his teens and 20s. Currently he engaged in activities both in Japan as well as other countries as an artist and a skateboarder.


The Daikokuten model is based on the GX-56, a model which is built to be robust. The watch is constructed in a way to be shock resistant using two layers of urethane bezel as well as an inner protector. The watch colour represents the strength of Daikokuten, with black as its primary colour with hints of khaki. The band displays images of a magic hammer and a mouse, while three small oval shaped Japanese coins appear on the watch strap keeper as a representation of treasure and fortune. 

Retail price : RM769


The lone goddess among the Seven, Benzaiten is the inspiration behind this BABY-G model. The square design, is based on the popular BGD- 560 model, that features a pink colour meaning to promote active women. Original drawings appear on the strap and case, featureing Benzaiten’s biwa, which represents the blessing of music, precious jewels, which represent wealth and fortune, and the corals symbolises the god of water. 

Retail Price:RM599

HOTEI (DW-5600SLG-7)

The Hotei model is based on the DW-5600, taking on the form of G-SHOCK when it originated. On top of a base gray colour, the strap and case features images of Hotei’s staff and bag, alongside a pine tree pattern. The design on the watch strap keeper is of a folding fan, another of Hotei’s  possessions. The Hotei is a god that invited good luck. 

Retail Price : RM699


The Bishamonten model is based on the DW- 6900, a standard digital model whose defining characteristic is a third indicator. The design uses a clear, translucent dark grey as the base colour, on top of which rose gold accents are added. The overall design is one of good luck, with the watch strap keeper being adorned with a treasure box carried by Bishamonten and with the band featuring an armour and helmet motif. The letter “H” appears in the EL backlight.

Retail Price: RM759

JUROJIN (DW-5700SLG-7)  

The Jurojin model is based on the  DW-5750E model, Jurojin has the power to restore high performance functionality to the current day. Featuring a white and grey colour palette, the design features elements over the whole watch that represent peaches for perpetual youth as well as scroll patterns.

Retail Price: Price is unavailable 

These watches are available across all G-factory stores as well as authorised dealers stores.

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