Royal Selangor Rises With The Dark Phoenix

  • By Julian Leong
  • Jun 12
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We can always count on Royal Selangor to release some of the best pewter figurines and they did not disappoint with their latest release. Royal Selangor collaborated with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, expanding their range of Marvel characters with the Phoenix, one of X-Men’s most powerful character to grace the comics and silver screen.

Jean Grey, one of the founding members of the X-Men, is gifted with powers for the greater good despite the fear and anxiety caused by the people surrounding herself. Imbued with the Phoenix Force, retaining her humanity became a struggle as she valiantly fights off dark temptations of her god-like powers. Jean’s poignant story of love, power and redemption is explored in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

The figurine has a limited run of 999 individually numbered pieces worldwide, where the 1/8 sculpture captures the act of the Dark Phoenix manifesting itself into Jean. The limited edition Phoenix Arising figurine is up for pre-order at all Royal Selangor retail stores and is available for order online at from 10 June onwards.


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