Ryan Matjeraie Talks About Life As A Content Creator After Radio I Cool Story Bro EP 6

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • May 7
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Plenty of Cool Stories this week, as Ryan comes on the show to spill the beans about life after radio as a content creator, the difficulties and insecurities that come with making funny videos, before Bryan Chin jumps into the podcast and discuss the future of digital marketing, fake flexing, and brushing up Ryan’s knowledge on streetwear know how.

0:45 – Ryan’s thoughts on Sheldon Nugger on the recent podcast on From the Threads
3:08 – Ryan’s trip to LA and filming reactions of Americans towards Bata, Power, Asadi clogs, counterfeit Gucci’s, LED sneakers
5:02 – Ryan’s thoughts on Malaysians who thinks that the sneaker reaction video was offensive as it’s bashing the Malaysia’s culture
7:32 – Ryan’s role at Rocketfuel
10:15 – Ryan’s thoughts on creating content online vs creating content on radio/tv
12: 27 – Ryan’s radio career at HITZ and how he is able to bring what he learn from radio onto what he is doing today
15:17 – Ryan’s thought on stand up comedy
16:33 – Bryan Botak Chin joins the podcast
17:49 – Ryan’s and Bryan’s first impression of each other
18:42 – Ryan talks about Hitz announcers having fake callers and Bryan being one of them
20:42 – Ryan’s nationality
22:44 – Ryan’s thoughts on his content compared to other content giants like Epicism, Jinnyboy TV etc
24:59 – Ryan on his process of creating content
30:35 – Ryan on being insecure when he puts up a content he isn’t happy with
32:03  – Ryan’s thought on where digital content is heading in the next 5 years
37:52 – Ryan’s thought on creating 60 second video content on Instagram
39:39 – Ryan’s thought on FLEX
45:08 – Ryan’s future plans
45:41 – Ryan’s shark tank pitch for Sneakerlah
49:45 – Ryan on getting into acting
51:20 – Ryan on writing for Harry Kok Siew Yoke
58:39 – Ryan’s sign off
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