Simba And Woody Are Finally Immortalised In Pewter Courtesy Of Royal Selangor

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Nov 7
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Written by Evely Tan

Royal Selangor extends its Disney Music Carousels with additional members comprising of Simba and Woody. 

With the recent release of The Lion King live action movie and Toy Story 3, Royal Selangor pays homage to Disney by adding our childhood favourites to the selections. 

Young Simba, the rightful ruler of Pride Lands is seen standing proud on the cliff. The pewter made music carousels figurine stories Simba’s journey towards his growth to become his father’s successor. 

No stranger to the movie scene, Woody, a 50s style pull-string cowboy with his strong ethos of loyalty and determination is crafted with pride and evoke in the tune of the ultimate friendship anthem “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. 

Simba and Woody music carousels will both be available at Royal Selangor stores, authorised dealers, and online at from October onwards. 


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