The Incredibles 2 Is Releasing Next Week And We Can’t Contain Ourselves

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jun 8
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We’re all a bunch of millennials, and the first Incredibles movie played a huge part in our lives. Or to mine, at least. The Incredibles is by far my favourite animated Pixar movie of all time, eking out Finding Nemo and Toy Story, simply because of its deftly executed storyline, brilliant set pieces and action scenes, and amazing animation detail.

A sequel was not to come in the next 14 years after its initial release, leaving the audience hanging with an unresolved closure as to who was the Underminer, and why did he want to invade Metroville. The scene then transitions to the Incredibles family donning on their masks, and Mr. Incredible revealing the insignia……..and finish.

The closure is now going to be answered, this 14th of June, and the initial reactions seem extremely promising.

It certainly builds some level of expectation on the movie, with glowing receptions and satisfaction after waiting almost 15 years for the sequel, but we’ll hold out thoughts until after we watch the movie. Tickets are already out on sale for the premier so leave your younger siblings, and indulge your inner 10 year old along with everyone else who have waited so damn long for this. Stay tuned next week for the full review.

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