New Venom Trailer Showcases More Of Venom’s Capabilities

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Aug 8
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Written by Zaaim Hariz

After such a disappointing teaser, the first official trailer gave us a little glimpse of Venom itself, a hope that this spin-off might just have something to offer but the hype doesn’t end there, because the new second official trailer shows more closeups of Venom being vicious and just terrifying, with in-depth backstory and a couple of surprises that fans of the character can be excited for.


“Embrace your inner anti hero”

Venom follows Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) — a journalist with a mission to expose an illegal testing operation by Dr. Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) at his company. Along Eddie’s journey, he came across with an alien symbiote and was subsequently infected, fighting its struggles to retain himself, before coming to a realisation that this infection could be an unexpected ally, a force to be reckoned with to take down Dr. Carlton’s operation.

Venom will be the first spin-off film from the Spider-Man franchise with the intent of starting a new shared universe featuring Marvel characters. According to multiple sources, the film also intended to share the world of Marvel Comics Universe after a deal between Sony and Marvel Studios, with a strong proposition that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man possibly making an appearance but has yet to be confirmed.

Venom will be hitting the theatres worldwide on 5th October 2018. Are y’all excited for the new addition into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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