東南亞CINA Pays Homage To The God Of Night Foods, The Mamak And Ramly Burger

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Dec 4
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The cornerstone of every neighbourhood. The go to place for late night lepaks and drinks. The gossip central, and the food joint that has almost everything you need for a satisfying supper. The ubiquitous mamak and the accompanying Ramly burger stall has served a multitude of people, young to old, race to race, starving to full, and often has become the epicenter of various discussions, night outs, and sports gatherings.

And it’s only appropriate that this humble abode deserves a song of its own.

Enter 東南亞CINA, a Chinese rap group who did just that. Watch the video above and reminisce the good times you knew you had at the mamak.

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