Indie Rockers Jaggfuzzbeats Return To The Emotional Fray With Their Long Awaited Single, ‘Not My Fault’

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Apr 27
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We have to admit, it has been a long while since Jaggfuzzbeats has released a new project, only leaving crumbs of singles in their wake as they build up towards compiling for a new album, but at this point, any new music we can get from the infamous Shah Alam duo, we’ll take it with open arms.

And this latest one, ‘Not My Fault,’ may just be enough to satiate us for a little while longer.

Depicting a couple in a relationship that’s obviously one sided, the song tells a story that some of us know too well, when a girl throws the whole relationship away and then comes crawling back after realising what she’d lost, to no avail.

Coupled with the bands magically rough, yet smooth sounding riffs and Azrul’s nonchalance at approaching the subject matter and you’ve got a bop that’s more than worthy of a breakup playlist.

Stream ‘Not My Fault’ in all major streaming platforms now.

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