Kali Uchis’s Latest Single Features Cover Art Designed By A Malaysian

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Dec 6
  • 2

I’m sure all of you know Kali Uchis as the prominent feature in “See You Again” sung by Tyler, The Creator. Feature artists no longer, as Kali has grown to be a full blown superstar, who’s single now embraces her Latin roots.

Her first bilingual track kicks off in Spanish, before alternating back to English and back with a hook that instantly catches your groove. An underlying reggaeton beat provides the foundation, accentuated with spaced synths and Uchis’s soulful vocals finishes off the track in a classic meets modern affair.

Which then brings us to the cover art. A somewhat Addams Family outlook by the singer, Malaysian artist Muntasir Mohamed has designed the cover art and along with photographer Brandon Bowen, has resulted in an effortlessly eerie vibe that looks like it came from an early 90s telenovella horror.

Solita is available now at all streaming platforms.

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