Listen To “Gagalis Optimis” By The Fatalis

  • By Fazlur Redza
  • Sep 21
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From what we know “Gagalis Optimis” video music is about how people living in modern times are fighting a great deal, with the worst decay of everyday mental stresses to pursue the world’s wishes without regard to the views of society or religion. Pressure at work and career, compressive pressure, household pressure and from various angles. Among the key factors of mental stress to young people is now an economic factor in a family ecosystem which is caused by uncertain economic factors in the country with various financial crises. This is largely due to the big players out there like corrupt businessmen, money slaves, political world dolls who do not even think of the causes and consequences of the monetisation that would eventually override the people under it. These bigger and tragic impacts can be concluded as the Economic Pressure Chain that ultimately invites various social, domestic, corruption, malpractice, suicidal, and homicide crimes.

We can see from the character of the main actor, a man who is pursued by 4 masked beings (the mask worn is the face of the main character’s personality) symbolic to the shadow of the pressure faced by the days that caused him to lose in the end. The main essence of this music video is a picture that always lingers in the mind of the example: Newly angry with the boss, keep feeling like to break the boss face right? But we did not punch it all the feeling. So this feeling is described with the help of our best friend, Digital Director of Leo Burnett, Hyrul Anuar with his colleagues Kai Lau and Azizul Hakim from Reservoir Lab who spend much time looking for the best concept to realize the feeling in this music video. A bit of an abstract with trippy visual and graphic “on your face” to tell the scene of each scene. Without further ado check out he band latest music video, Gagalis Optimis on the above.

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Gagalis Optimis music video The Fatalis