Luqman Podolski Releases A New Music Video Titled Sorang

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Aug 8
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There has been quite a long hiatus since the last original Luqman skit (sans the sponsored videos), and we’ve missed the man’s antiques and shenanigans that humoured the masses without fail time and time again.

This time round, Luqman is aiming unto bigger targets, and has released a music video titled, “Sorang.” In essence, Sorang depicts Luqman’s introverted personality as opposed to his supposed extroverted behaviour often seen in his videos, touching points on doing things alone, like “Jalan jalan pun sorang, Makan  makan pun sorang, Have  fun semua seorang, Tengok wayang pun sorang.” 

The initial tone when the chorus hits diverts thoughts into the audience perceiving that he’s just lonely, exemplified by “Hidup  pun macam sorang, Tak  ada nak panggil sayang,” but is then clarified in the verse that he would much rather be alone in his own thoughts, and the difficulty to express those thoughts to people hinders him more from partaking in social events.

After the success of “Myvi,” Luqman takes a more personal turn in this new track, a clear reflection of his personality and an explanation to his hiatus.

Watch the video above to see his new single.

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