Malu Tanya Sesat, The New Single By Aman Ra

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • May 16
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Not 3 months after the release of ‘Ye Dowh,’ Aman Ra comes back with an allegorical title for his new single, named ‘Malu Tanya Sesat.’ The general consensus in this statement refers to the obvious fact that if you’re shy to ask, you’re going to get lost, but is translated differently in this context.

“If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re not going to get it.” The point directs itself to the listener after hearing the pre-chorus (Mahu ubah hidup, mahu ubah nasib, Mahu ubah takdir, jangan malu tanya), which then dives straight to “Malu tanya sesat.” Aman Ra speaks of his internal conflicts, on whether is he able to achieve his dreams, and awareness on whether is he rapping for the sake of rapping, or for the dignity of his neighbourhood. The rapper explores more of this narrative, telling the audience that if you want to get out of it, be vocal, be brave, don’t be complacent and don’t be shy, and I think that’s an advice we all can get behind with.

Watch the official video of ‘Malu Tanya Jangan Sesat’ now at the top!


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