We Move With K-Clique’s New MV, ‘KITTAMOVE’

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 23
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Written by Aqil Nasri

Ever since the likes of ‘Mimpi’ and ‘Sah Tu Satu’ came out, K-Clique has deservedly been one of the best groups in Malaysia’s Hip-Hop scene. Their brazen unabashedly ways have led them into a path of discovering their originality in sound and style, making fans falling in love with them through and through.

Now, about 5 months since the release of their last MV titled ‘BEG 2 BACK’, the group is back at it again with ‘KITTAMOVE’, their latest in their collection of discographies.

In a special partnership with Digi, KITTAMOVE is their way of proving to the world that they’re on the move to the top now, so the rest better watch out. Directed by Shafiq Anak Saleh and K-Clique themselves, it’s clear that their signature style is visibly present upon first viewing. Putting in an ensemble of various different dance crews in the MV keeps the hype up at an absolute max throughout the whole playtime.

“Mereka lupa ukur kemampuan ku suka suka, Mata naik merah mereka mula bermuka muka, Sumpah setiap peluang yang sampai aku sapu rata, All the way up sampai nama jadi sejarah”

Well, it seems like they’re in it for the long run, and I’m sure that K-Clique’s gonna be booking their name in the history books soon.

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