NJWA Magnifies The Stigma Surrounding Interracial Love In New Single, Take Love Back

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Sep 10
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Written by Evely Tan

NJWA isn’t afraid to border on the sensitive, and for her new song, “Take Love Back,” the alternative R&B artist comes in close and personal to an issue many of us have faced, interracial love.

The music video features a special cameo appearance by co-stars of ‘Sepet’, Sharifah Amani and Ng Choo Seong with a moving monologue about love and devotion. With the mesmeric vocals of NJWA and her modern down-tempo R&B sounds makeweight to her music video with dancers, Grace Ng and Nabil Zakaria who eloquently portray the song’s anecdote through an emotive dance performance.

“With a track like ‘Take Love Back’, it was important that the music video strongly represented the essence of the song and conveys how I truly feel about this matter. Despite being a melting pot of cultures, diversities and ethnicities, Malaysia still has a long way to go in terms of tolerance and understanding,” said NJWA.

Check out the MV for ‘Take Love Back’, a scrupulously-choreographed video that expatiate upon the song’s exploration of the highs and lows of modern interfaith and interracial romance experiences. 

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