Zamaera Dispells Her Doubters With A BM Track Titled ‘Jangan Salah Sangka’

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Oct 24
  • 2
Written by Evely Tan

Our local feisty rapper Zamaera puts out her second malay single “Jangan Salah Sangka” produced by Airliftz along with I-Sky behind the sound engineering. 

Assumption has always been part of human nature, and in a world dominated by social media, it’s much much faster to assume that someone’s life is going great by watching their actions from afar. Tracking, judging their every move, whilst sitting behind the comfort of your bed has become much much easier.

Which is why Zamaera is dispelling this behaviour in her latest single, mirrored after some of the backlashes that she’s received before this. The talented lyricist also includes a couple of easter eggs into her bars, referencing Fariz Jabba’s ‘Masa’ as well as ‘Sang Saka Biru’ in a cheeky effort to include her labelmates in as well.

The intro starts off in a rather mediocre way. but gradually picks up as the song allows her to delve deeper into her lyrical prowess, as she makes it clearer to whoever is listening to mind your own damn business, or in other words, ‘jangan membawang wei.’


The official lyric video for “Jangan Salah Sangka” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.


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