KITH Screws Over Bots By Redirecting Them To The Wrong Off-White Presto Link

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Aug 3
  • 1

Still fresh off of the Solebox debacle, KITH has been on the front trying to deflect bots looking for the white Off-White Prestos by redirecting them to a link selling, wait for it…….Wheat Air Jordan 1s. The screenshot below details one reseller’s conversation with a KITH help representative.

This fine example shows a redirected bot buying 1700 USD (Approximately 6936 RM) worth of Air Jordan 1 ‘Wheat,’ and with the bot handler trying to revoke said purchase with KITH’s customer service. Obviously we cannot exactly verify whether the screenshot is true, but it still makes for a good laugh nonetheless. All we can say is that if it’s true, that’s a huuuuge L on the guy’s tab. What do you think of the retailer’s attempts at warding off bots? Fair to everyone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

For something more obtainable, PUMA has just dropped the new Thunder Desert.

Source: High Snobiety
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