How To Legit Check A Nike Air Presto x Off-White

  • By Julian Leong
  • May 17
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Recently, we shared how to legit check a pair of Air Jordan 1 x Off-White which is arguably one of the most coveted pairs among ‘The Ten’. Another silhouette which is highly sought after is the Nike Air Presto x Off-White where plenty of counterfeits have been flooding the resell market as the Chinese factories try to make a profit by replicating the pair. We love paying authentic resell prices and receive counterfeits, said no one ever.

Today, we will be sharing with you some details to check out before purchasing a pair to ensure the pair’s legitimacy. Let’s begin!

Orange Tab

The orange tab stitched to the Swoosh has sharp edges and not curved. Some fakes may have ‘sharper’ edges but are still slightly rounded. If you are still unsure, search official photos of the pair and compare. Most fakes have the rounded edges which is an easy giveaway but do stay alert as some counterfeit pairs have perfected the orange tab detail.


We know how difficult it is to differentiate the black Swoosh on the Presto’s due to the texture of the material used for the Swoosh but if there’s one thing we realize is that the Swoosh on a retail pair is matte black while most fakes are glossy. The stitching on the Swoosh is denser meaning more stitching and is more consistent when compared to the fakes.


One thing that you can focus on for the hangtag is the font of the wordings. From the image below, you can clearly see the significant difference between the font of the real and fake hangtag. The red color of the hangtag is not bright and has a more matte finish to it. Another way to determine a real and a fake using the hangtag is by examining the circles and the square at the part where the hangtag is inserted to create a loop. The circle should not overlap with the square on the real pair while you can examine the circles overlapping the square on the fakes. The fake hangtags have improved over the days since it has been released so be cautious and examine other details of the pair.


This is one of the easiest giveaways of a fake pair. The stitching on the backtab has to be almost right below the black strap and has to be neat as compared to the messy stitching of the fakes. Some backtabs are more translucent or much darker compared to the original pair. Don’t worry, we provided you a photo of the original pair’s stitching and backtab for your reference below.

Laces (extra laces)

One thing you do have to note is that retail pairs come laced up in white laces. Any other pair that comes laced up in green or orange is fake, especially when the white laces come as extra laces and is wrapped up neatly. The extra laces should come in green, orange and black and will be wrapped up as shown in the image below. The second photo under this ‘Laces’ segment is usually how the fakes come, wrapped up neatly. If the Presto comes with extra laces in small plastic bags, the pair is a definitely fake so don’t waste any more time checking. The font and color of the “SHOELACES” on the shoelaces should be consistent and bold compared to the fakes which are usually faded, crooked or thin.


There you go, sneakerheads! These are the main details that you should look out for before purchasing any pair as fakes are floating around and we definitely do not want you to be a victim of a counterfeit pair. The last pointer for all is that these Nike Air Presto x Off-White DO NOT COME IN HALF SIZES. If the sizing has a “.5” in it, its definitely a fake as all retail pairs only come in full sizes (8, 9, 10, etc). Good luck!


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