Phil Knight’s Son Links Up With Nike To Create The Nike Air Susan

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Apr 1
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In Celebration Of The Movie ‘Missing Link’

Now, it’s quite unheard of to see an Air Max model that doesn’t include a number behind its silhouette. The 1, 90, 95, 97, 98, 0 were all popular models in the range, with a few outliers lying in the Air Stab, and Air Span to name a few. At the very least, these names reference some semblance of inspiration when it came to the shoe, but none have been named quite like this one, dubbed the Air Susan.

You see, this model is a very special one. The shoe is made for the stop-motion movie, ‘Missing Link,’ model in material and colour after the main character, Mr. Link. LAIKA Studios, owned by Nike co-founder Phil Knight and run by his son, Travis Knight, once again link up to create this special shoe, playing on the aesthetic of the character and imbuing it on the shoe.

“Costume isn’t a separate entity from character design, it’s very much intrinsic,” says Deborah Cook. “If Mr. Link was wearing completely different clothes, you’d read him in a very, very different way.”

Cook explains that Mr. Link’s aesthetic plays up the character’s Pacific Northwest roots and balances it with a desire to serve as playful foil to the urbane Frost. This is also evident in the shoe’s leather-wrapped midsole, cuff links and kurim fur tufts on the tongue that lend a gleefully haphazard elegance to the silhouette.

This is also the first time that such a collaboration is released commercially. Whereas previous collabs like the Foamposite ‘Paranorman’ required participation in a contest and the Air Jordan 15 ‘Kubo’ asked you to play a mini-game and get the high score, this one should be a relatively easy cop. But from the looks of it, the Air Susan looks to be an instant future classic, so get ready to hit the link for its release, which also happens to be two days before its global drop.

The Nike Air Susan drops on the 5th of April, for a price of approximately RM 700.


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