Sneakernomics EP4 With Nelson Tan Of SoleWhat

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jan 30
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Sneakernomics returns once again in another episode featuring Nelson, General Manager of Solewhat. Listen in as Nelson talks more about what he does as a general manager, his thoughts on the growth of the sneaker scene in Malaysia, different ways on how to stand out among his competitors, and how china can be in the lead in terms of sneaker culture in the future.


00:00 – An introduction of Nelson Tan
01:30 – What does a Solewhat GM do?
01:53 – What did you do before joining Solewhat?
04:04 – How did the connection with Edison Chen begin?
06:11 – Would you consider yourself a sneakerhead?
10:06 – Nelson’s thoughts on ‘THE TEN’ by Virgil
12:08 – What are your thoughts on Adidas in 2018?
15:32 – How do you tell, when a specific will be a hit when making an order?
17:39 – How does one stand out as a retail store around its competitors and the different approach Solewhat does?
20:34 – Why has the sneaker scene in Malaysia grown so much?
22:10 – Why does the players in terms of retail are closing down?
22:50 – Nelson talks about starting a retail store
24:53 – Nelson’s thoughts on the future of the sneaker industry
25:46 – Did JD sports and Footlocker affect the sneaker scene in Malaysia? How?
28:43 – How is it important to have a localized sneaker store in Malaysia
31:38 – Advise on how to establish a sneaker store
35:00 – Do you get contacted by influences on a daily?
36:42 – Nelson’s take on what brand will be a hit in 2019
38:29 – Thoughts on china’s sneaker brands being a hit in 2019
40:20 – Nelson’s thoughts on under armour
42:20 – Nelson talks more on china brands booming
48:49 – Has boost passed the hype
50:17 – Which country does brand focuses on in SEA
54:03 – Is the sneaker business worth doing?
56:04 – Does being a sneakerhead help in terms of running the business?
58:10 – Nelson’s take on a Somewhat membership



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