Tyler, the Creator Updates The Gianno With Two New Pastel Colourways

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Apr 28
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After a number of successful collaborations under the Golf Le Fleur banner with Converse, Tyler, The Creator’s cult following has increased from his music but also into his street style, and the IGOR artist has been given carte blanche by the brand to create the Gianno OX, a trail inspired shoe replete with numerous details and bulky construction to boot.

This time however, the Gianno OX is set to be donned in a more pastel colour palette, with a few material changes. Gone are the matted nubucks or polished leather for overlays, instead replaced with hairy suede that’s dyed either in light blue or mute tan. Hits of pink and blue accentuate the colourways, giving it a bit more depth. while a small imprinted logo is found at the heel. Apart from those, there are no other structural changes made, resulting in a unique colourway that still retains the model’s trekking roots while adding a touch of Tyler’s flair.

The shoes can now be purchased on Crossover’s Online Concept Store for a price of RM 539.90.

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