Wakai X Cordura Presents Truly Durable, Versatile, Reliable Footwear

  • By Fazlur Redza
  • Aug 8
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Those aware of CORDURA will know that the name has always been synonymous with resilient fabrics. It’s tried and tested fabric technologies are perfect to tackle the great outdoors or endure heavy use. This has translated to the fact that many manufacturers utilise it in the making of high performance gear and fashion.

Japanese footwear brand Wakai is yet another to utilise this fabric as evidenced in its latest team up with CORDURA for a range of shoes that embody a perfect harmony of reliability, durability and versatility.

The new footwear collection, simply titled Wakai x Cordura, also sees the use of Wakaisphere, a new super foam present in Wakai’s newer range of shoes. By combining Cordura’s strong fabrics, the super comfy memory insole afforded by the Wakaisphere and the premium quality Happifito outsole, these minimalist and casual shoes are both trendy and robust, without looking bulky.

Have a look at the shoe in various colourations right below:

The Wakai X Cordura shoes will be available at all selected Wakai’s retail stores in Malaysia.

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