You Can Now Walk On Holy Water With This Custom MSCHF Nike Air Max 97s

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Oct 10
  • 1

Well, nobody would have ever seen this coming. A conceptual art form as well as taking things a little too literally, Brooklyn creative label MSCHF has recreated the miracle of Jesus walking on water, via a different means of approach.

The Nike Air Max 97 forms the template of this bold concept, with the Air capsules filled with 60ml of literal Holy Water sourced from the River Jordan, theoretically allowing you to walk on water, very much like the Holy Son did in Matthew 14:25. Extra details include red insoles that are scented with Frankenscence as a homage to the Vatican, while a steel crucifix is placed on the shoelaces, while a Matthew 14:25 is inscribed on the toe box.

Initially released on October 8th, the pair has already sold out, even with a retail price of approximately RM 5975, and the only way to obtain it is through Stock X, selling at almost twice that.

Nevertheless, if you dream of emulating Jesus and his achievements, this may just be your ticket in.

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