Vans’ Skaters Explores Asia’s Iconic Cities In Vans New ‘APAC Transit’ Series

  • By Yasmeen Costelo
  • Dec 5
  • 1

TRANSIT is a new video series by Vans that gathers famous skaters around Asia to explore the different forms of public transportation in Asia countries. “Shaolin Shadows” is the first instalment of the Vans APAC Transit series that follows members of its Asia skate team as they rip up the pavement in iconic cities across the four countries, China, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. On this episode, skaters embark on a train journey through Shaolin temples in Zhengzhou and onwards to Changsha, Mao Zedong featuring Vans Malaysia rider, Porock Luis (@PorockLuis), Vans Hong Kong rider, Chris Bradley (@charsiufan), Porock Luis (@PorockLuis), and Vans China riders, Jeremy Hu (@sk8jeremy), Hai Zai (@linsenzhen), Wang Guohua (@xiao_oji) and Dan Sonsrichai (@dudeabides_).

Credits to the videography work behind it all is Tommy Zhao, a Shanghai-based skater, photographer, and filmmaker who’s been documenting the Chinese skateboarding scene for almost a decade has witnessed firsthand the growth of Asia’s skate scene for the past years, Zhao believes Vans helps to champion local skaters. 

“I’ve had a really good relationship with Vans since they’ve started up in China, and they’ve been really supportive of not just my skate videos but the whole skateboard scene,” says Zhao. “Having a skate team, going on tours, and doing grassroots events, Vans has given the opportunity to a lot of skaters in China to live the dream life of skating and traveling to some of the best skate spots in the world.”

The rest of the series will see the Vans skate team hit Southern China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Stay tuned to this space to watch the remaining episodes in full here! On a side note, it’s almost Christmas, check out Vans’ Velvety Christmas Pack that recently dropped here.

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