Agilan Explains That Strength Is Only Half The Battle In The Cage I Cool Story Bro EP5

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 14
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Agilan ‘The Alligator’ Thani has made a name for himself as Malaysia’s best welterweight fighter, but suffered plenty in order for him to become the best. The renowned MMA fighter comes on the show to detail how he transitioned to becoming a pro fighter, conditions inside the cage, and why strength is only half the battle.

00:13 – Introduction

00:40 – How he got involved with martial arts

02:25 – Transition to being a Pro

03:27 – Agilan’s explanation on his recent fights

06:05 – Mental stamina in the cage

09:15 – Agilan’s biggest fight

11:50 – Agilan’s next fight

12:35 – Duration of training camp before competition

14:20 – Weight cut system and regulation

15:05 – Agilan’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey

18:05 – Agiilan’s definition of MMA

18:48 – Who’s on Agilan’s hitlist?

21:18 – Worries with the new weight cut system

22:53 – Agilan’s favourite fighter

For more of Agilan, follow him on IG at @agilanthani and Twitter at @AgilanThani.

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