Guibo Plans To Sell Nasi Lemak In The States After He Retires | Cool Story Bro Ep. 15

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Mar 19
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Syed Naguib Alsagoff, or better known as Guibooo from Fly FM started out life in the States, but eventually had the calling to return to the motherland, where he began work as a radio announcer for Fly FM.

Up until to the point where he’s deciding to move on and sell Nasi Lemak back to the states. Tune in to the latest episode of Cool Story Bro as we dive into the life of the enigmatic announcer, who happens to be a part-time Disc Jockey on how the American born Malaysian got himself into radio, as well as funny stories that happened during his tenure at Fly FM.

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