Jeff Sandhu And The Tech Landscape In Malaysia | Cool Story Bro EP 8

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Aug 29
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Resident tech guru and BFM radio host Jeff Sandhu (@itsjeffsandhu) talks about the technological landscape of Malaysia, where we are currently when it comes to leading innovators from the likes of China and Silicon Valley, and why he thinks influencers aren’t using their base to the fullest potential to educate their followers on certain topics.


0:41 – Who is Jeff Sandu

2:00 – Jeff’s major in Art and Design, and his 4 before being a radio host

4:15 – Jeff’s run in the video production industry and why he left that industry

7:00 – How Jeff started working for BFM and how he went from being a Tech producer to a radio host

9:05 – The story behind BFM’s acronym 

11:25 – How the choice of music that BFM plays them standout

11:53 – How Jeff stumble across BFM

13:30 – Jeff’s travels for tech stories, 

13:57 – IBM’s Watson super computer, first experience with AI in 2015

16:00 – His trip in China for the consumer electronics show and his experience in China and how advance is China in terms of integrating tech in their daily lives

18:40 – Jeff’s thoughts on Hua Wei being banned by the US on using American products and how does it affect us and how does it affect Hua Wei

22:58 – Jeff’s thoughts on The Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data scandal and why we should worry and should be more aware with these issues.

26:38 – Jeff’s thoughts on clickbait articles and how influencers and media companies talk about current issues that might affect what people think

30:00 – Jeff’s travel to Sweden and his experience with Volvo sitting in an autonomous truck and the future of cars

33:03 – Jeff’s thoughts on Elon Musk’s neuro link and how it’s beneficial and also dangerous

35:47 – The impact of social media on society and Malaysia’s usage of social media

38:00 – The coolest thing that Jeff seen this year at the tech conventions he visited and the future of technology and what to look out for in the year 2020

42:52 – The gadgets that Jeff must have and use daily, why he prefers Android over Iphone and some of the kickstarter projects that he backed/funded

49:27 – Jeff’s thoughts on the unboxing trend and videos and how MKBHD is educating their followers on upcoming tech

51:31 – The state of influencers in Malaysia and are they really influencing anything

1:05:39 – BFM’s iconic jingle, how it came about and the musician behind it

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